Waitaki Boys' High School senior prizes

Waitaki Boys' High School held its senior prizegiving recently. The prize list is:

Dux Finn Robinson
Dux Finn Robinson
Sports awards

Dean Fenwick, most tries interschool rugby; James Hutton, trapshooting; Jack Mansfield, trapshooting highest overall shooter; Joshua Ratcliff, most valued player 1st IX softball; Cameron Tonkin, badminton; Don Lolo, outstanding merit rugby, contribution football; Robert Jackson, most valued 1st XI football player; Jason McGimpsey, dedication to spirit of cricket; Issac Milne, team contribution 2nd XV rugby; Cameron Dellaway, team contribution 2nd XV rugby; Lachlan Kingan, cup captain 1st XI cricket; Lachlan Kingan, highest batting average 1st XI cricket; Blayne Howe, trophy captain 1st IX softball; Sean Scobie, intermediate cross-country, lawn bowls; Matthew Staples, all-round contribution rowing squad; Jesse Peacock contribution 1st XI hockey; James Savage, most valued interschool player 1st XI hockey; Marc Fox, most points scored: rugby; Hamish Elliott, senior cross-country; Rylie Rooney, best bowling 1st XI cricket; Jeremy Tasker, swimming; Jeremy Tasker, swimmer of year; James Wright, cup captain 1st XI hockey; golf, cup; Cameron Ryder, most valued golfer; Jake Rhodes, cup captain 1st XV rugby; Blake Van Rooy, croquet; Matt Munro, outstanding merit: cricket; Ryan McAuley, basketballer of year; Ryan McAuley, service basketball; Hamish Elliott, Craig Finnie, 1st XV rugby service; Ryan Whitburn, squash; Blayne Howe, most dedicated player 1st IX softball; Lachlan May, intermediate swimming; Joshua Proctor, tennis cup; Joshua Proctor, senior doubles tennis; James Savage, senior doubles tennis; Kris Rush, long-driving competition; James Savage, intermediate golf; Healey White, exceptional performance in individual sport.

Academic prizes

Level one (1st in subject): Joshua Tonkin, accounting; Tim Craig, economics; Damien Kitto, economics; Tim Craig, science; William Mitchell, 2nd science; Logan Searle, 2nd science; Joshua Tonkin, 2nd science; Damien Kitto, computing and digital design; William Mitchell, agriculture; Joshua Cederman, design technology metal; Tim Craig, mathematics; Damien Kitto, 2nd mathematics; Edward Streat, 2nd mathematics; Joshua Tonkin, 2nd mathematics; Joshua Cederman, design technology electronics; Dylan Williams, physical education; James McCulloch, art; Sean Scobie, design technology wood; Sean Scobie, graphics; Cullen Smith, work skills; James McCulloch, English; Tim Craig, 2nd English; Damien Kitto, 3rd English; Tim Craig, history; James Hobson, history; Aman Kumar, English for speakers of other languages; Duncan McLeod, music; Ed Aldridge, music.

Level two (1st in subject): Cameron Ryder, physical education; Roman Johnson, graphics; Roman Johnson, physics; James Savage, accounting; Junior Soonthornsaratul, economics; James Savage, history; Thomas Galbraith, mathematics; Robert Jackson, geography; Marcel Matsinger, art; Craig Devlin, work skills; Dean Fenwick, agriculture; Jacob Donaldson, horticulture; Sagar Krishna, horticulture; Doughbert Gargar, biology; Junior Soonthornsaratul, English; Vincent Adams, music; Roman Johnson, furniture making; Astin, computing and digital design; Junior Soonthornsaratul, chemistry; Shayle Baldwin, construction and mechanical technology; Thomas Galbraith, electronics technology; Shayle Baldwin, gateway; Paea Kava, English for speakers of other languages.

Level three (1st in subject): Tazman Forgie, accounting; James Wright, agriculture; Mitchell Thompson Holloway, biology; Mitchell Thompson Holloway, chemistry; Bevin Joiner, digital media; Braden Familton, digital media; Cameron Tonkin, economics; Finn Robinson, English; Boris Ip, English as second language; Finn Robinson, geography; Bevin Joiner, graphics; history; Cameron Delloway, mathematics with calculus; Finn Robinson, mathematics with statistics and modelling; Blair Grant, physical education; Cameron Delloway, physics; James Wright, trade carpentry; Finn Robinson, classical studies; Niall Renton, construction and mechanical technology; Fabio Raimundo, visual arts design; Bevin Joiner, visual arts painting.

Special awards

Fabio Raimundo,prize design and painting; Finn Robinson, Oamaru Youth Orchestra prize; Damien Kitto, debating; Finn Robinson, speech year 13; senior mastermind; James McCulloch, best senior, essay writing, talent quest; Duncan McLeod, music; Jeremy Tasker, best vocalist; Jisoo Park, graphics: most improved pupil; William Saulala, graphics: most improved pupil; Joshua Ratcliff, speech year 12; Justyn Allen, canteen prize, long service; Edward Smith, canteen prize, long service; Cody Todd, canteen prize, long service; Caide Howe, Te Pai art award; Tien Thongvanit, contribution visual art, most improved art pupil; Jeremy Tasker, assembly reading cup; Samuel Wilson, debating; Finn Robinson, school library prize, outstanding service; Jeremy Tasker, contribution chess, senior chess; Finn Robinson, music; James McCulloch, speech year 11; Geordy Johnstone, drama; Mitchell Thompson Holloway, music; Jonathan Sherwood, music; James McCulloch, debating; Dean Fenwick, contribution agriculture; James Wright, agriculture.

Leadership: Shayle Baldwin, Don House; James Wright, Don House; Jeremy Tasker, Forrester House; Travis Macdonald, Lee House; Ryan McAuley, Sutherland House; James Wright, deputy head prefect; Jamie Robb, head prefect.

Prestige awards: Junior Soonthornsaratul, Lincoln John Tempero Award; Jeremy Tasker, North Otago Masonic Charitable Trust prize; Vincent Adams, performing artist of year; Blair Grant, sportsman of year; Matthew Willetts, citizenship; Braden Familton, Bluelight Lachlan McLean prize; Jeremy Tasker, citizenship prize.

Citizenship awards: Finn Robinson, Peter Yeoman Cup & scholarship; Jason McGimpsey, citizenship prize.

Heritage awards: Cam Boswell, special citizenship prize & trophy; George Francis, Denis Blundell Award (jug); James Wright, Milner Memorial Award (photo).

Top scholars: Tim Craig, year 11; Junior Soonthornsaratul, year 12; Mitchell Thompson Holloway, proxime accessit; Finn Robinson, dux.

Honours blazers: Finn Robinson, Jamie Robb, Blair Grant, Jeremy Tasker, James Wright, Jason McGimpsey.




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