Armed police swoop in Welcome Bay

An eyewitness to a police operation in Welcome Bay saw armed police enter a house, put several men on the ground and point a gun at them.

The drama unfolded just after midday today at a Greerton address, suspected to be connected to a P lab.

Armed police, ambulance and fire services were involved. It is believed that a hazardous material unit was also at the scene.

A Bay of Plenty Times reporter saw one man in a white boiler suit.

Police blocked off a section between Waitaha Road and James Cook Drive and traffic was being diverted.

The sister of a person who lives in the neighbouring house told the Bay of Plenty Times she received a call from the occupant telling her the road was cordoned off, that she had seen police enter a house, put some men on the ground, and point guns at them.

A reporter at the scene said the majority of police had now left but there are still half a dozen police officers there.

The road re-opened shortly after 2.30pm.

- Bay of Plenty Times

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