Arrest after silly string incident at National Party dinner

A man was arrested for spraying silly string outside Wellington's Te Papa museum during a National Party dinner last night.

The incident happened about 8pm as about 70 protesters gathered outside the building, Senior Sergeant Wade Jennings of Wellington police said.

An email to the NZ Herald said the silly string had been directed at Conservation Minister Nick Smith.

But Mr Jennings said no MPs were affected as they were inside having cocktails and dinner following the first day of the party's two-day conference.

The 44-year-old from Wellington was arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour after spraying the silly string into the air, Mr Jennings said.

"It landed on various people who were there."

He was later given a pre-charge warning and let go.

There were no other problems from the protesters during the evening, he said.

Meanwhile, protesters will be marching from the Kumeu Arts Centre to Prime Minister John Key's electorate office today with an open letter regarding Maui's dolphins.

According to environmental groups and the Department of Conservation, there are only about 55 of the dolphins left in the world.

The National Party has come under fire since opened up 3000 kilometres of a marine mammal sanctuary, thought to be home to the dolphins, for oil and gas exploration.

- By Rebecca Quilliam of APNZ

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