Boy critical after school stabbing

A 10-year-old student has been stabbed at a South Auckland school.

The incident happened at Pacific Christian School - a primary and intermediate school - this morning.

The student was stabbed with scissors during a fight, a school manager said.

"There was a fight and someone was actually using scissors," the manager told APNZ.

She declined to comment further.

The student, a boy aged about 10, was in a critical condition, St John spokesman Robbie Walker said.

"We had call for an incident at around 11.30am in Coronation Rd, Mangere Bridge.

"We have a young male in a critical condition....police were on scene."

A resident in a nearby street told APNZ he had seen a school-aged boy being delivered to his parents in a police car escorted by an officer.

Inspector Shawn Rutene briefed media at the school about the investigation.

"We were advised of a fight between students here where one student had received critical injuries."

Mr Rutene said the students involved were boys of intermediate school age who were enrolled at the school.

The families of both boys involved were receiving support from victim support.

Mr Rutene said the CIB was investigating the incident.

"There's quite a bit of information to be gathered."

He wouldn't confirm whether a weapon was used in the fight or what the fight was about.

The families of the students in the fight and the school community were going through "a very trying time".

Police at the school were taking photographs outside a classroom in a playground area.

One parent arrived and picked up a child from the school but declined to comment to media.

People stood at the gate looking in to the school. Artwork done by students covered the windows of classrooms at the school, which all appear to be empty.

There is a fenced playground with slides, tunnels and monkey bars near where police officers are examining evidence including what appears to be clothing on the ground.

Pacific Christian School is a private Year 1 to 8 school (the primary and intermediate years) located on Coronation Rd in Mangere.

The most recent roll information shows the co-educational school had 84 students, with 83 being Pasifika.

The school's mission is to "glorify God through providing education from a Biblical perspective, in order to bring salvation to students and their families and to effectively prepare students for life, ministry and evangelism in the Asia-Pacific region".

The principal of Pacific Christian School confirmed to Newstalk ZB there was a fight between two boys at the school.

The school is next to the Namoa Christian Preschool.

A staff member who did not want to be named said they had seen an ambulance but did not know anything about the incident.


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