Commuters stranded after Auckland trains halted

Auckland train services are starting to move again after hundreds of Auckland train commuters were left stranded at Britomart Station.

An announcement was made about 6.25pm that no trains were running due to a signal failure in Wellington.

By 7pm, Auckland Transport said signals were now operational, but passengers should still expect "significant delays".

Western Line trains between Newmarket and Swanson are operating, although they are also subject to delays.

At the news, people poured out of Britomart in their hundreds, seeking buses and taxis.

The 'twitterverse' has already witnessed angry Auckland commuters venting about their change in plans.

Neala Killalea asked whether Auckland Transport would refund her ticket

"Britomart is empty, half an hour after my train was supposed to leave"

Fellow commuter Faith-Ashleigh Wong was also unimpressed with the technical issues.

"So annoying that we're stuck at Britomart about 2 minutes from the platform.So close yet so far."

But Twitter user 'jerro70' is unlucky enough to be stuck on a train just outside of Britomart station when the signals failed and has been there for over 30 minutes.

"Staff do not appear to know what is going on," he tweeted from within the carriage.

"Why is there no Auckland backup control? #useless," tweeted Joshua Teal.

It's the second time this year that Auckland commuters have been left stranded after an issue in Wellington.

In April, the Auckland region's entire rail network was crippled and all trains on the network were ordered to a halt after signals and radio communications between KiwiRail's national control centre in the capital and Auckland were cut.



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