Complaint about weight-loss patch upheld

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against an ad for a weight-loss "patch" which claimed to "aid in weight loss with no exercise and while eating as much as you want".

The direct mail advertisement for Slim Reflex Patches, by advertiser Quantium Solutions, claimed the product "stimulates the thyroid gland" and helped to burn fat.

"Lose kilo per day per patch - no exercise ... no calorie counting ... no risks," it said.

"The Fastest, Easiest and most Powerful fat-busting cure on the planet!"

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the advertisement was lent an "air of authority" by reference to a "Dr Noble".

"Don't even think about risky gastric bypass or stomach band surgery ... until you try the amazing Slim ReFlex Patch - the gastric band in a patch!" Dr Noble said.

Fifteen patches cost $89.90 plus freight.

The ASA's complaints board said these were "extravagant" claims which promised unrealistic or unsafe rapid weight reduction.

It upheld the complaint and ordered the advertisement to be removed.

In another recently released decision, the ASA ordered the removal of an online advertisement for wrist bracelets which claimed to assist sports people with their strength, balance, flexibility and fitness.

The advertisement, which appeared on the website, claimed to give the wearer the "winning edge".

"Each EKEN Power Band contains 4 nFIT discs, these discs are put through a process that electrically charges them.

"Each hologram receives a highly concentrated dose of the frequencies required to produce the highest quality power band on the market."

The complaint was laid by an A Gilbey, who said there had only been peer-reviewed study of the product, which "unequivocally" found they have no effect.

The ASA complaints board said the advertiser, the Eken Power Bands website, had failed to substantiate its claims, and the ad was likely to mislead consumers.

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