Cow breaks man's leg

A Norsewood man had his leg broken in an attack by a "disgruntled cow" yesterday morning.

"A 23-year-old man was herding some cows before it appears one turned and knocked him off his motor bike, breaking his femur," Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter base manager Chris Moody said.

He said the Norsewood volunteer fire brigade helped clear out a landing zone on the farm about 1km north of the rural town on State Highway 2.

"He was in a stable condition ... the femur is the biggest bone in your body and there is the risk of future arterial damage, so it was quite a serious job."

Norsewood Chief Fire Officer Terrance Ahern said the 23-year-old was bringing cattle into the cow shed at about 6.30am when the herd forced him into a fence and off the bike, causing his leg injury and cuts to his body.

"Ambulance staff were already there when we arrived, and he was conscious and breathing," he said.

He said the man was a Norsewood resident and works on the 600-cow dairy farm.

- Christine McKay and Sam Hurley of Hawke's Bay Today

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