Death of boy (9) treated as suspicious

Police are treating the death of a 9-year-old boy in Raetihi as suspicious after prescription drugs were found in his system.

Results of tests on Antony Herewini-Christensen were only initial findings and police were not in a position to say what caused his death, Detective Senior Sergeant Keith Borrell said yesterday.

Antony was found dead at his home on December 7.

Police were still interviewing Antony's family, who Mr Borrell said had been helpful.

"However, we still want to hear from anyone who may have some information on his last movements. If you know something don't discount it. Please speak up," he said.

Duncan Metekingi, Antony's great-uncle, said the boy's sudden death had rocked the small town.

"This is not something that happens here, you know. There have been police everywhere since it happened. There are detectives as well as ordinary policemen up and down the street."

Mr Metekingi, who lives two doors down from Antony's home, said the little boy had been complaining of a stomach ache about 10pm the night before he died.

Antony had a 5-year-old brother and two older sisters in their early 20s, he said.

He said Antony's mother was no longer at the house.

Mr Metekingi said that in all the years he'd lived in Raetihi, he had never known anything like this and never seen so many police.

"And I hope I never do again...this is terrible for all of us. Everyone is very unhappy. It's a sad time and a little boy is dead."

- By Lin Ferguson of the Wanganui Chronicle

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