Dog 'encouraged' to savagely attack cat

An animal inspector is on the hunt for the owners of a large dog that seriously injured a cat, after being encouraged to maul the animal in Porirua.

A man and a woman were walking a “large, muscular dog” through Colonial Knob on yesterday morning, SPCA Wellington reported.

A 10-year-old cat was stretched out enjoying the sunshine with his owner and friends within the Camp Elsdon boundaries.

When the dog owners saw the cat they told the dog to “sic em” repeatedly and continued to encourage the dog after it had caught the cat.

“The attack lasted approximately 20-30 seconds, and only ended thanks to the quick thinking actions of a fellow camper, who ran towards the dog yelling,” SPCA Wellington wrote on their Facebook page.

“This startled the dog to drop the cat and run back to his owners, who purportedly laughed before continuing through Colonial Knob and out of sight.”

The cat has considerable injuries, including a broken pelvis and can't walk. He is currently under vet care.

Inspector Gina Kemp was called out to the camp by a very distressed cat owner.

“It is incredibly concerning that a dog is being actively encouraged to bait other animals. It is especially concerning that the attack was instigated unprovoked and with witnesses present.

“I am very concerned this will not be an isolated incident - or that this behaviour may escalate if the perpetrators are not found.”

The dog was white with tan patches on it.

The SPCA urge anyone who was around the area yesterday morning, and had any information which may be useful to please call 0800 INSPECTOR.

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