Drink driver's car hot-wired after police took keys

A drunk driver's passenger hot-wired a car and drove it away after police had confiscated the keys.

The incident occurred at a checkpoint on an Auckland motorway early this morning after police found the driver was over the legal alcohol limit.

Sergeant Andrew Francis said police took the keys, but a passenger then hot-wired the car and continued driving before police stopped the same vehicle a second time.

The second driver was also found to be over the legal alcohol limit.

Mr Francis said another passenger of the car "took it upon himself to damage a police vehicle". The passenger was arrested.

Auckland motorway police say they are dismayed with the choices made by some drivers who continue to drive after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Early this morning on Auckland motorways police stopped five drivers who had exceeded the legal alcohol limit and one who was impaired by drugs.

Mr Francis said a crash near Drury was caused by fatigue after the driver fell asleep.

The vehicle collided with the central crash barrier.

Mr Francis reminded drivers of the need to remain sober, reduce their speed and to not drive when tired.


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