Emergency landing scare at Christchurch Airport

A plane has landed safely at Christchurch Airport after emergency services were put on stand by.

A pilot indicated to ground control that the plane may need support, an airport spokeswoman said.

However, the aircraft landed safely and there was no issue, she said.

"We have been in what's called a situation of local standby. It is our perfectly standard response to a request from an airline that it might need some support, it may have an issue."

Travellers were assured it was an "absolutely precautionary measure".

An Air New Zealand spokeswoman confirmed the plane involved belonged to subsidiary airline Air Nelson.

"Air Nelson flight NZ8078, operating between Invercargill and Christchurch with 48 passengers on board, landed without incident this morning after a cockpit warning indicator suggested a possible landing gear issue on approach to Christchurch," she said.

"The captain followed standard operating procedure by requesting a local standby at Christchurch Airport; however, no assistance was required."

It was believed a fault with the warning system was to blame, she said, and the aircraft was now being checked by engineers.



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