Flash of underwear betrays burglary suspect

A flash of underwear led to a burglar's arrest in Hamilton this morning.

Council security camera operators contacted police after spotting a man in a hooded sweatshirt with a bandanna over his face kicking in the window of a synthetic cannabis store about 2.15am.

Officers stopped a man on the corner of Ward St and Worley Place but his clothing didn't match what was being worn by the man in the CCTV footage, said Senior Sergeant Andrew O'Reilly.

However, as officers later reviewed the footage they noticed a flash of distinctive red underwear as the burglar crawled into the store - the same type being worn by the man they had stopped.

"This was sufficient for us to re-interview him and he subsequently admitted smashing the store's front window and stealing a quantity of synthetic cannabis," Mr O'Reilly.

A man was due to appear before Hamilton District Court today in connection with the incident.


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