Fleeing biker had baby on board

Chased by police with a child in a car seat on the petrol tank of his motorbike, Aki Henare gave his pursuers the "finger" and fled.

Appearing before Judge Peter Butler in Masterton District Court this week, the 24-year-old shearer pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and failing to stop for police.

Police prosecutor Garry Wilson said Henare was seen by police riding the motorbike at 65kmh with the child in a car seat perched on the petrol tank.

They tried to stop him but he sped off, Mr Wilson said.

"He gave police the finger."

Clocked driving at 70kmh on Cameron Cres, Henare went home and parked the motorbike in the garage.

Police arrived soon after.

"He said he was taking his son for a drive."

Defence lawyer Virginia Pearson said it was a ridiculous thing to do. Neither Henare nor the child were wearing a helmet.

"It was stupidity at the end of the day."

On the dangerous driving charge, Judge Butler disqualified Henare from driving for six months and fined him $900 and $130 court costs. On the failing to stop charge, he was sentenced to a further three months' disqualification for a total of nine months.

- By Cherie Taylor of the Wairarapa Times-Age