Foreign BMX riders vandalise skatepark

Four foreign BMX riders have been blamed for extensive vandalism of Reefton's skatepark on Sunday.

Senior constable Fred Aplin said the bike riders, believed to be Australian, were heading toward Queenstown.

"I expect that they will be stopping at skateparks along the way and will be riding and tagging," Mr Aplin said.

He appealed for information from anyone with knowledge of the group or who had witnessed their antics.

They were all aged in their 20s and travelling in a white high-top van.

"They have tagged all the skatepark and surrounding buildings - it is extensive tagging," Mr Aplin said.

"Locals have gone to a lot of work to develop the skatepark, then these out-of-towners come along and wreck it," he said.

"The area was tagged with the letters 'MOLTS' and 'FONT' along with other anti-social tags.

"These people are visitors to our country and they are treating our parks with total disregard."

He expected it would take a lot of effort to repair the vandalism.

- By Viv Logie of the Greymouth Star

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