Fugitive sought over attack on lawnmowing man

A man who is on the run from police after allegedly cutting his electronic ankle bracelet and escaping home detention is believed to be behind an attack on a man who had been mowing his lawns.

Levi Hemana, 19, has been wanted by police since December 30 when he breached his home detention conditions.

On Monday Hemana and a 17-year-old youth allegedly used weapons in an unprovoked attack on a 39-year-old man who was mowing the lawns at his Helensville home.

At about 3.30pm Hemana and the youth allegedly drove past the victim's house. He looked up at their car, prompting the attack.

It is understood the pair stopped the car and yelled to the victim "what are you looking at?".

Police allege Hemana then challenged the victim to a fight and started to threaten him. He then got back in the car and left.

The victim got in his own vehicle and followed Hemana and the youth. He told police he hoped to get their licence plate details, and followed them at a safe distance to Parakai.

The pair stopped at a bottle store and the victim attempted to use his cellphone to photograph their car.

Hemana and the youth spotted the victim and ran at him, the man said. It is alleged Hemana was brandishing a golf club which he allegedly used to repeatedly hit the front windscreen of the man's car.

The victim ran away, and was chased by Hemana and the youth who police say were armed with a glass alcohol bottle.

The man hid behind a pole to avoid being hit, and told police both of the alleged attackers tried to strike him with their respective weapons.

They then ran away and the victim, who was not injured, contacted police.

Hemana is yet to be located but police later found the 17-year-old drinking with relatives. He has been charged with assault with a weapon and intentional damage and appeared in the Waitakere District Court this week.

Police are appealing to anyone who knows where Hemana is to contact them, or for the 19-year-old to hand himself in.

If you can help, contact Helensville police on 09 4208967 or if you want to provide information anonymously ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

- Anna Leask of the NZ Herald

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