Girl shot during home invasion

A teenage girl suffered gunshot wounds during a home invasion in Thames last night.

Police and ambulance staff were called to a geriatric hospital in Parawai Road in Thames around 8.20pm after the victims of the home invasion ran to the hospital for help.

The 17-year-old girl received moderate gunshot wounds to her arm and a 50-year-old man suffered chest pains as a result of the incident.

They were taken to Thames hospital for treatment. The man was not shot, Ambulance communications team manager Norm Ngatai said.

Police said three men wearing masks and armed with a sawn-off shotgun entered a residence and a during an altercation the shotgun was discharged, injuring the woman.

The intruders fled the address and the occupants ran for help.

Waikato police were investigating.

The house had been secured and was to be guarded overnight until a detailed forensic examination this morning.


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