Graphic sex scene not in children's interests: BSA

A "graphic, raunchy and prolonged'' sex scene on TV3 was shown too soon after the 8.30pm watershed and breached the standards protecting children's interests, the Broadcasting Authority (BSA) says.

The sex scene opened the movie, We Own the Night, an adults only (AO) film which was shown at 8.30pm. The scene lasted four minutes and showed a woman lying on a couch masturbating as a man kissed her and exposed her breast.

A viewer complained to the BSA saying that 8.30pm was still "family viewing time'' and the material was "not in good taste''.

The Broadcasting Act states that AO material is not to be shown too soon after the watershed time of 8.30pm to protect children's interests.

In its defence, broadcaster TVWorks which owns TV3, said while the scene was "at the edge'' of what was considered acceptable, it did not stray beyond the current norms of good taste and decency.

"While there was no genitalia visible, the sexual content in the scene was graphic, raunchy and prolonged,'' according to the decision.

The BSA found the broadcaster did not consider the interests of children when showing the scene just two minutes after the watershed.

But the broadcast was not found to breach standards of good taste and decency since the film was correctly classified, aimed at adult audiences and preceded by a warning.

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