Hard-hitting ad campaign

The Fire Service is launching a hard-hitting TV campaign to shock people into realising the deadly consequences of leaving cooking unattended.

From today, advertisements will screen on television showing a family losing a child in a kitchen fire.

Deserted frypans have caused 25% of all fires in New Zealand homes in the past decade.

Of 954 house fires in Auckland last year, 262 were caused by unattended cooking.

Fire Service national commander Mike Hall said the time for catchy slogans was over.

"For years, we've been telling New Zealanders to 'keep looking when they're cooking' but that message hasn't got through.

"New Zealanders have a 'it won't happen to me' approach to fire safety."

"It was often the most vulnerable - the young, elderly and disabled - who were at risk.

"That's what we see in this ad, and if watching it prevents just one person dying then it's achieved its purpose."


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