Murder accused licked bloodied knife, court told

Shayd Robinson in the dock on day one of his trial. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Shayd Robinson in the dock on day one of his trial. Photo / Mark Mitchell
A man who had been fatally stabbed shouted after his alleged attackers they should "fight like a man", a court has been told today.

Witnesses also told the jury in the High Court at Wellington today that they saw a young man lick a bloodied knife he allegedly used to fatally stab Stokes Valley father of two Aaron Hadfield and saying the blood tasted "sweet".

Shayd Robinson, 20, is on trial for the murder of 27-year-old Mr Hadfield.

Mr Hadfield was stabbed after an alleged road rage incident as he was returning home from picking up prescription medicine for one of his young children on January 26.

A jury was sworn in this morning for a trial, but after lunch, it was reduced to 11 after one of the jury members had been excused by Justice Ronald Young.

A young witness this afternoon said she saw the fight between Mr Hadfield, Robinson and his friend William Stark.

"I saw them punching the driver."

She said when they were walking away, she saw Robinson holding a small knife.

"(Robinson) said 'I like the taste of your blood' and he licked the knife."

She said while the young men were walking away, Mr Hadfield called after them.

"He said 'next time you want to fight, fight like a man without weapons'."

Under cross-examination she told defence lawyer Mike Antunovic that before the fight, she saw the car drive close by Robinson and Stark.

Mr Antunovic suggested the witnesses may have heard from another witness about Robinson allegedly licking the knife and talking about how sweet the blood tasted.

The witnesses denied this and said she saw it.

The witness said she did not see Robinson's tongue on the knife, and conceded he may have been wiping his face with his sleeve while he was holding the knife.

Another witness Kerry-Anne Hirini told the court earlier she also saw the incident.

She said there was a "frenzy" of punches inflicted by the men on Mr Hadfield through the driver's window.

When Ms Hirini walked closer, she recognised Robinson, whom she had known for many years, and said he was holding a small knife.

"I'm sure that I saw Shayd lick the knife. I wish I hadn't," she said.

"He said 'Your blood tastes sweet'."

Ms Hirini helped Mr Hadfield out of the vehicle and tried to stem the blood flow.

While they were waiting for emergency services, Mr Hadfield spoke about wanting to be with his family.

"He just kept saying he wanted to get home to his partner and kids."

Under cross-examination, she also told Mr Antunovic that Robinson could have been wiping his sleeve across his face and not licking the knife.

"I didn't see his tongue on the blade," she said.

She said Robinson wasn't behaving like he normally behaved, and he looked "wired" and it was as though she was not even there.

This morning crown prosecutor Ian Murray told the jury that Mr Hadfield was stabbed once in the chest and the knife pierced his heart and lung.

He died the next morning in hospital.

Mr Antunovic said Robinson admitted he stabbed Mr Hadfield, but it was in self-defence.

The trial has been set down for two weeks and more than 50 witnesses are expected to be called.


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