Naked man detained near school

A routine police patrol through Onekawa yesterday ended up being anything but routine when the officers spotted a man walking toward the central city - completely naked.

The incident happened about noon.

What particularly alarmed the officers was that the man was only about 100m from Onekawa Primary School.

When confronted the man told one of the officers he was walking to town.

He also said he had "taken something".

When the officers attempted to detain the man he fought back and had to be restrained before being put on the ground and eventually handcuffed.

He was taken to Napier police station where charges were expected to be laid.

One of the officers said that due to whatever it was the man had taken he had not initially been able to tell them who he was.

The patrol had come across him only a short distance from the property he came out of, and had received no reports from the public.

"I think we were the first to see him," one officer said.

- Roger Moroney of Hawke's Bay Today

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