New Year's Honours list


DNZM (Dame Companion of the Order)

Justice Judith Marjorie Potter, CBE, Auckland, services to judiciary; Wendy Edith Pye, MBE, Auckland, services to business and education.

KNZM (Knights Companion of the Order)

Owen George Glenn, ONZM, Auckland, services to philanthropy; Robert Anster Harvey, QSO, Auckland, services to local body affairs and community; Justice Mark Andrew O'Regan, Wellington, services to judiciary; Julian Stanley Smith, OBE, Dunedin, services to business; Mark Wiremu Solomon, Christchurch, services to Maori and business; Mark James Todd, CBE, UK, services to equestrian sport; Paul Scott Holmes, CNZM, Hastings, services to broadcasting and the community.

CNZM (Companions of the Order)

Dr Alan Esmond Bollard, Wellington, services to State; John Kenneth Buck, OBE, Havelock North, services to wine industry and arts; Stewart Ian Buckley, Auckland, services to technology, business and motorsport; Barry Michael Joseph Dineen, Wellington, services to business and arts; Prof Ivan MacGregor Donaldson, Christchurch, services to neurology; Alan Raymond Isaac, Wellington, services to cricket and business; Hohi Ngapera Te Moana Keri Kaa, Gisborne, QSO, services to Maori and arts; Dr Lester Levy, Auckland, services to health and education; Prof David Ian Pool, Hamilton, services to demography; Geoffrey Thomas Ricketts, Auckland, services to education, arts and business; Turoa Kiniwe Royal, QSO, ED, Wellington, services to education; Prof Linda Tuhiwai Te Rina Smith, Hamilton, services to Maori and education; Fleur De Lyse Ross Sullivan, ONZM, Moeraki, services to the food industry; Dr David John Teece, US, services to New Zealand-United States relations.

ONZM (Officers of the Order)

Antony Paul Astle, Auckland, services as chef; Gavin John Bishop, Christchurch, services to children's literature; Peter David Broughton (Rawiri Paratene), Auckland, services to film, television and theatre; Associate Prof Ian David Campbell, Hamilton, services to breast cancer treatment and research; Dr John Laurence Craig, Whangarei, services to conservation; Emeritus Prof Glynnis Marjory Cropp, Palmerston North, services to research in the humanities; Doris Theodora Huberdina Zita de Pont, Auckland, services to fashion; Mary Monica Devine, Christchurch, services to business; Emeritus Prof Roger John Field, Wanaka, services to education and land-based industries; Alexander Christopher Kelley, Dunedin, services to the New Zealand Police and diplomacy; Graham Michael Lowe, QSM, Auckland, services to community; John Morris, Auckland, services to education; Tuaine-Nurse Tamarua Robati, Porirua, services to education and Pacific community; Anthea Isobel Simcock, JP, Hamilton, services to child welfare; John Lindsay Slater, JP, Auckland, services to community; John William Acton Smith, Invercargill, services to business and community; Dr Roderick William George Syme, Christchurch, services to athletics and science; Henare Rakiihia Tau, Kaiapoi, services to Maori; Selina Mary Webb, JP, Whakatane, services to health and education; Dr Philip Seabrook Yates, Auckland, services to agribusiness.

MNZM (Members of the Order)

Dr Mohamed Samy Abdel-Al, Carterton, services to community; Jo Qesem Ayela Aleh, Auckland, services to sailing; Senior Sergeant Ian Roy Appley, Christchurch, services to New Zealand Police and community; Stephen Paul Bell, Auckland, services to youth; Hamish Byron Bond, Cambridge, services to rowing; Diane Edith Brown, Dunedin, services as a writer and educator; Lisa Carrington, Auckland, services to kayaking; Douglas Hewdy Catley, Wellington, services to sport and health care services; Beverley Joan Chappell, Kapiti, services to senior citizens and community; Dr William John Childs, ED, Whangarei, services to health; Pamela Marie Coe, New Plymouth, services to cycling; Nathan Phillip Cohen, Cambridge, services to rowing; Laurence Killoh Cooney, Christchurch, services to business, law and community (deceased. Her Majesty's approval to this award was signified before date of death.); Ian Trevor Corney, Taumarunui, services to agriculture; Jeanette Crosado, Dunedin, services to animal welfare; Dr Mary Margaret Dawson, Auckland, services to Girl Guides and community; Frances Denz, Tauranga, services to business; Wendy Duff, Auckland, services to people with autism; Laura Fairweather, South Catlins, services to cycling; Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Upper Hutt, services to swimming; Sylvia Pearl Frame, Napier, services to nursing, motoring and community; Phillipa Gray, Thames, services to cycling; Inspector Mark Stanley Harrison, Palmerston North, services to New Zealand Police and community; John Graham Hartnell, Christchurch, services to community and beekeeping; Ian Wilson Hay, JP, Auckland, services to community; Vicki Cathryn Hyde, Christchurch, services to science; Maia Giselle Jackman, Auckland, services to football; Peter Francis Jensen, Whangarei, services to community; Kathleen Frances Joblin, Wanganui, services to health; Sumant Lala, Auckland, services to Child Cancer Foundation; Dr Anthony Gerard Lanigan, Auckland, services to tertiary education and community; Alison Maree Marshall, Hamilton, services to community; Robert Patrick McDavitt, Auckland, services to meteorology and yachting; Geoffrey Mirkin, Dunedin, services to community; Sally Christine Morrison, Tauranga, services to health and community; Eric Gordon Murray, Cambridge, services to rowing; Prof Vincent Ernest Neall, Palmerston North, services to earth science; Geoffrey Watts Neilson, Mosgiel, services to agriculture; Anthony James Norman, Mangonui, services to community; Peter James Ombler, Te Puke, services to kiwifruit industry; Ian Maurice Phillips, US, services to New Zealand-United States relations; Olivia Elizabeth Powrie, Auckland, services to sailing; Jacob Rajan, Wellington, services to theatre; Dr Reena Ramsaroop, Auckland, services as a histocytopathologist; Dr James Stewart Reid, Lower Hutt, services to health; Ronald Alexander Robertson, Gisborne, services to athletics; Inspector Wendy Lynne Robilliard, Kerikeri, services to New Zealand Police and community; David John Saunders, Christchurch, services to Land Search and Rescue; James Samuel Stuart-Black, Wellington, services to New Zealand Fire Service and Urban Search and Rescue; Joseph Sullivan, Cambridge, services to rowing; Lorna Winifred Sullivan, Tauranga, services to people with disabilities; Miriam Swarbrick, Gisborne, services to senior citizens and community; Dr David Emil Mynott Taylor, Rotorua, services to pathology and Maori; Inspector William John Taylor, Auckland, services to New Zealand Police and community; Peter Robert Tyler Thorburn, Auckland, services to rugby; Nilima Venkatakrishnan, Auckland, services to senior citizens and Indian community; Denise Brenda Walsh, Dunedin, services to youth theatre; John Raymond Wheeler, New Plymouth, services to horse racing industry; Susan Barbara Worthington, Kapiti, services as a botanical artist.

Honorary: Kathleen Brader, US, services to kiwi conservation; Hon Christopher Robert Hill, US, services to New Zealand-United States relations.

QSO (Queen's Service Order)

Ross Malcolm Gordon, Methven, services to Land Search and Rescue; George Warren Hawkins, Auckland, services as a member of Parliament; Rodney Philip Hide, Wellington, services as a member of Parliament; Dr Wayne Daniel Mapp, Auckland, services as a member of Parliament; Nicholas William Rogers, Auckland, services as a land damage assessor; Paula Mary Rose, Upper Hutt, services to New Zealand Police and community.

Honorary: Dr Sjoerd van Ballegooy, Auckland, services to geotechnical science.

QSM (Queen's Service Medal)

Brian Charles Adams, Christchurch, services to cricket; Noel Dawson Anderson, Southland, services to Coastguard; Michael Lynn Andrewes, Dunedin, services to opera; Ann Margaret Andrews, Auckland, services to community; Raymond Baker, Auckland, services to Jewish community and racing industry; Georgia Lily Ball, JP, Auckland, services to youth and community; Mark Robert Ball, JP, Auckland, services to community; Warren David Barker, Fairlie, services to community; William Patrick Bruce Benson, Hastings, services to Art Deco restoration and community; Phillipa Avis Bishop, Auckland, services to community; David Lindsay Blackwell, Christchurch, services to tennis; Lynette Bowe, Taupo, services to people with diabetes; Donald Vincent Brebner, Tauranga, services to community; David Harold Broderick, Himitangi Beach, services to community; Diane Barbara Broderick, Himitangi Beach, services to community; Barry Lawrence Brook, Palmerston North, services as an entertainer; Peter John Bugler, JP, Picton, services to cycling tourism; William Andrew Maxwell Burrill, Auckland, services to regional parks and conservation; Malcolm Duncan Cameron, Dunedin, services to youth and community; Daphne Christophers, Tauranga, services to music; Shin-Kee Chung, Christchurch, services to community; Frederick Charles Cooper, Gore, services to community; Peter Thomas Cummings, Lawrence, services to agriculture and community; Mavis Jessie Davidson, South Otago, services to community; Chief Fire Officer Raymond Peter Dever, Tolaga Bay, services to New Zealand Fire Service; Kenneth Robert Dorman, Auckland, services to television and community; Maureen Teresa Fenton, Hunterville, services to community; Harold Aitken Findlay, Napier, services to cricket; Peter Bell Gibson, JP, Napier, services to community; Graham Henry Goss, Wellington, services to community; Dianne Celine Gregory-Hunt, Pitt Island, services to community; Ashwin Gulab, Wellington, services to Indian community; John Gully, Nelson, services to New Zealand-Nepal relations; Giri Raj Gupta, Auckland, services to business and Indian community; Miyoko Hammersley, Rotorua, services as a hospital chaplain; Gwendoline Irene Harding, Tauranga, services to community; Stewart Harvey, Dunedin, services to heritage preservation; Margaret Ann Hickey, Taranaki, services to community; Michael Eden Jacka, Christchurch, services as a geotechnical engineer; Mileva Jankovich, Auckland, services to refugees; Parbhu Kanji, Auckland, services to cricket and Indian community; David Alan Lea, JP, Tararua, services to community; Chief Fire Officer Ian Moffat Lindsay, Winton, services to New Zealand Fire Service; Chief Fire Officer Robert James Lunn, Greymouth, services to New Zealand Fire Service; Gregory Shane Makutu, Sydney, services to Maori community and veterans; Maitland Ross Manning, JP, Central Hawkes Bay, services to community; June Porter-Mills, Dunedin, services to community; Senior Constable Bruce Milne, Matamata, services to New Zealand Police and community; Rhondda Olive Moffitt, Christchurch, services to sport and community; Shona Marjory Murray, Wellington, services to music and education; Anand Naidu, Auckland, services to Indian community; Senior Constable John Joseph O'Donovan, Nelson, services to New Zealand Police and community; Father Aprem Oraha Pithyou, Wellington, services to Assyrian community; Patricia Dawn Porter, Hauraki Plains, services to community; Jenifer Maud Prattley, Kaiapoi, services to Royal New Zealand Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Ian Peters Gladstone Roche, Dunedin, services to lawn bowls; Keith Clifford Scholes, Gisborne, services to athletics; Barry Noel Searle, Dargaville, services to marine conservation; Diane Louise Sharpe, JP, Hamilton, services to community; Herakwal Paul Singh Bains, JP, Cambridge, services to Indian community; Barbara Jean Stone, Auckland, services to community; George Sue, JP, Levin, services to community; Senior Constable John Thomas Tangaere, Hastings, services to Maori; Jonathan Harold Tanner, Hamilton, services to hockey; Patrick Wikiriwhi Thompson, Auckland, services to Maori and deaf community; Barbara Frances Thomson, Whangarei, services to performing arts; Lynette Merle Thornton, Auckland, services to community; Krystyna Tomaszyk, Wellington, services to community; Terence Tuanui, JP, Chatham Islands, services to community; Helen Ethel Walker, Waipukurau, services to community; Susan Moya Westwood, Wanganui, services to community; George Ronald Wheeler, Auckland, services to veterans; Asantha Peter Wijeyeratne, Lower Hutt, services to business and community; John Edward Wilce, Porirua, services to golf and community; Catherine Mayann Williams, Auckland, services as a geotechnical engineer.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration

New Zealand Defence Force: Lance-corporal Anatoliy Valerievich Derepa, Auckland, services to New Zealand Defence Force; Group Captain Athol James Forrest, MNZM, Papua New Guinea, services to New Zealand Defence Force; Lieutenant Arthur Jordan Gale, Palmerston North, services to New Zealand Defence Force; Major Shane Ruane, Upper Hutt, services to New Zealand Defence Force; Lieutenant-colonel Brent Lockwood Wellington, Upper Hutt, services to New Zealand Defence Force.

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