Pilot charged over shooting death of NZ boy

Fiji police have charged a man with the manslaughter of a 6-year-old New Zealand boy.

Mohammed Khan, of Auckland, was shot in the stomach on Saturday while he was on holiday with his parents, who were building a house in Fiji.

A statement from Fiji police this morning said a 34-year-old pilot had been charged with manslaughter. He had also been charged with "contravening rules and regulations of arms and ammunition act".

The arrested man owns the gun police say fired the shot that killed Mohammed, who had been playing with a 14-year-old and 10-year-old cousin when the shooting occurred.

Police have previously said the children were alone at the time of the shooting and were questioning the 10-year-old cousin, along with his parents, about the shooting.

The trio were playing near a car where police allege the firearm, used for shooting pigs and goats, was being kept.

It's believed one shot was fired that passed through Mohammed and struck the 14-year-old, critically injuring him. He was yesterday in a stable condition after surgery.

The pilot is expected to be produced in the Lautoka Magistrates Court this morning.

- Andrew Koubaridis of the New Zealand Herald

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