Police mow lawns for widow after husband's death

Police officers comforted a recently widowed woman by finishing off her lawns - a job her husband was halfway through doing when he fell ill.

Two Cambridge officers attended the sudden death this week, Waikato Police stated on their Facebook page.

While one constable was comforting the grieving wife the other decided to finish off mowing the lawns.

"We like to think that a little bit extra helps in these hard times but I suppose until you are on the other side of the fence we never really know," wrote Jack from Waikato Police.

The post went on to detail how police officers often have to break the heart-wrenching news of a death to family. If a person's doctor can't be found or a death is unexplained police act on behalf of the coroner.

"As police officers we attend many throughout our career. From the nasty ones to the grandfathers amongst our community that pass away in their sleep.

"From personal experience this is a difficult time for us front line cops. We have to try and be as professional as possible whilst quite often those people left behind are having to deal with their tragic loss.

"I know we try our best to help but in reality we know that there is not much we can do. Whether it be making a cup of tea for someone or ringing another family, we get stuck in where we can."

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