Protest over Superfund's Israeli investments

Six people have reportedly chained themselves to the front desk of New Zealand Superfund offices in central Auckland in a protest about investments in companies that profit from the Palestinian conflict.

A video of the protest has been uploaded to Facebook, while supporters continue the picket outside the building in downtown Queen St.

A large banner reading, 'stop super funding Israeli apartheid', greets anyone trying to enter the building.

The protesters are demanding an interview with the Superfund chief executive.

A large noisy protest has gathered outside as students from the university joined in the march down Queen St with banners, chanting.

They have stopped at a side door of the tower block at 21 Queen St where NZ Superfund is housed, blocking the entry.

Earlier security guards locked the main double doors to prevent protesters getting in.

About six police officers are lining the entry, ushering workers in and out of the building.

Chants of "blood, blood, blood on your hands", and "boycott genocide, boycott Israel'' are being shouted.

One protester asked, "Our taxes kill children, what do we think of that?", which was met with cries of "shame, shame''.

The loud protest has grabbed the attention of a number if passers by who have stopped to look on.

Only two people have objected to the protest, their criticism met with shouts of, "you are complicit'' and "blood on your hands''.

The chants were interrupted by an announcement that the six people upstairs had gained an interview with the Superfund CEO. 

- By Patrice Dougan of APNZ

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