Red zone dumping claims being investigated

Claims of illegal industrial waste dumping by a contractor on earthquake-damaged residential red zone land are being investigated, authorities confirmed today.

A joint investigation by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera), ECan and the Christchurch City Council is underway.

"A few people think that dumping their waste in the residential red zone won't be noticed or won't do any harm," said Carl Diamond, project manager Earthquake Waste Management.

"In addition to the potential environmental impacts, it poses a danger to people working in the area and, ultimately, the cost of the clean-up is at the expense of the tax payer."

On average, two rubbish dumping sites are found each day, Cera said.

It can range from household waste to large trailer-loads of industrial waste and concrete slurry.

Anyone who witnesses illegal dumping is encouraged to take note of licence plates, company names, dates and times, as well as photographs, so Cera or ECan can investigate.


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