Reports of mystery lights

A Springvale woman saw a big, unexplained orange light in the sky on Christmas Day night.

It was 10pm when the woman arrived home.

"I had just got out of my car and looked down the driveway when I saw the light."

She said there was no noise as it came toward her which she gauged was travelling at the speed of a plane from the Westmere direction and at a distance in the sky above. It flew above her as it continued south west.

The woman said she expected it to go toward the Wanganui airport, but the orange light turned east and disappeared into clouds.

The lights were reported by others in Taranaki, Napier, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch.

A Kapiti Coast resident who saw three lights and filmed them coming from behind the Paekakariki Hill has posted it to YouTube.

Some have explained the lights as being lanterns, but the Springvale woman said the orange light was not flickering.

"I don't believe in UFOs, but I would like to know what I saw."

- The Wanganui Chronicle

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