Needle reportedly found in strawberry in Tauranga

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A needle has been reportedly found in a strawberry in Tauranga.

Police said they received the report yesterday and have referred the matter to the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Last week, police said they were investigating an incident after a needle was found in a punnet of strawberries sold at a FreshChoice in the South Canterbury town of Geraldine.

Shop owner Garry Sheed said they took all strawberries off the shelves the same day the punnets were purchased on 24 November.

Last week, Countdown also said it notified the police and the ministry after a customer found a needle in a capsicum at a Tauranga store.

At the time, the Ministry of Primary Industries said there was no reason to believe it was more widespread, and that these were isolated case.

In September, needles were found in a punnet of strawberries purchased in Auckland.

It comes after Australia was faced with a contamination crisis, when its strawberry industry was brought to its knees after fruit in several punnets were found with sewing needles.

A 50-year-old Queensland woman is facing court after being accused of inserting needles into the strawberries, the ABC has reported.

The scare began in Queensland in September, with more than 100 incidents of needles reported throughout Australia.

Many of these turned out to be hoaxes or false alarms.

As Australian authorities launched their investigation, consumers were urged to cut up their strawberries before eating them.


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