Shot man treated for hand injuries

A man who was shot in Feilding last night is being treated for injuries to his hand.

Police spokesman Dave Rose said police received a call from a person in Feilding at around 9.50pm last night.

He informed police that an associate of his was shot while driving through Palmerston North, he said.

Mr Rose said police and ambulance services went to the address, and a 34-year-old man was taken to Palmerston North Hospital.

"The man is being treated for injuries to his hand and is due to be released later today," Mr Rose said.

The man's vehicle and another address in Feilding were currently the subject of a scene examination, he said.

"Inquiries are continuing so we can establish the circumstances," he said.

Geoff Partridge, a friend of the victim, said the armed offenders squad had surrounded a house on Makino Rd this morning.

He said Makino Rd was closed and his friend was in a stable condition awaiting surgery.

There were more than 100 holes in the car and the windscreen has smashed as a result of it being shot by what he thought was a shot gun, Mr Partridge said.

He said his friend was looking for his cousin's house and had pulled over to look at a number on a letterbox when he was shot at.

"Someone took a shot at him from the house. It's a residential street.

"It was dark and he was looking at the number on the mailbox."

Mr Partridge said initially the man thought his car had blown up.

"It took him half a second to realise what had happened."

The man then drove to his girlfriend's house around the corner and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

The man who was shot did not live in Feilding, Mr Partridge said.

- By Nikki Papatsoumas of APNZ

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