Slip closes part of West Coast highway

An aerial view of the landslide at Omoto on State Highway 7. Photo: NZTA
An aerial view of the landslide at Omoto on State Highway 7. Photo: NZTA
There's been a large landslide at Omoto, east of Greymouth, closing a section of highway until at least Tuesday.

Continuous heavy rain and high river levels have contributed to the 2.5-metre landslide drop overnight east of Greymouth on State Highway 7, between Greymouth and Stillwater, a New Zealand Transport Agency spokesperson said today.

A short road detour is available just across the Grey River via Taylorville.

The highway would remain closed at Omoto until at least Tuesday morning, given the recent movement, said Moira Whinham, maintenance contract manager for the Transport Agency on the West Coast.

In the past week the highway was re-opened to a single lane with traffic management, subject to weather and safety considerations.

Friday's rain had seen the slip accelerate and drop by more than two metres overnight, Ms Whinham said.

The highway was closed yesterday at 5pm.

Ms Whinham advised road users to take it slowly on the local road detour, particularly through Taylorville.

The detour route is via Taylorville, with the turnoffs at Stillwater and Cobden bridges on the north side of the Grey River.


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