Smoke alarm plea after Wellington cooking fire

A Wellington kitchen fire last night has prompted the Fire Service to prompt another reminder about the importance of fire alarms and not leaving cooking unattended.

Kilbirnie fire officer Peter Burtonwood said the fire occurred in the suburb of Maupuia around 11.20pm last night as a result of unattended cooking.

"It's the cause of about of a third of all fatal fires."

While the fire was confined to the top of the stove and the rangehood above it, the potential for it to take over the rest of the house, he said.

Smoke filled the Maupuia home and a mother and daughter living at the house were taken to hospital suffering minor smoke inhalation injuries, Mr Burtonwood said.

Three fire engines attended the blaze.

A pan of chips cooking in oil was the culprit.

"There was no working smoke alarms in the house, despite all our publicity."

The fire was an unfortunate reminder for the need to install working smoke alarms and to watch what you're cooking, Mr Burtonwood said.

- By Brendan Manning of APNZ

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