Stewart Murray Wilson back in prison

Sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson has been recalled to prison after allegations he phoned someone he was directed not to contact.

Wilson was released on parole to a house on the grounds of Whanganui Prison in August last year with 17 special conditions imposed on him.

The Department of Corrections today said it had applied for an interim recall to prison after Wilson allegedly phoned a person he had been directed not to associate with.

He was returned to prison after the Parole Board considered the application this afternoon.

The board will consider whether or not a final order is made at a hearing before the end of next month.

Wilson was sentenced to 21 years in prison in 1996 for sex and violence offences against women and girls, as well as charges of stupefying and bestiality.

Corrections said it had been vigilantly monitoring Wilson's compliance with his parole conditions and immediately made a recall application after it received information which led it to believe he was in breach.

Police assisted in the matter.

Corrections said it would pursue legal action through the courts in relation to the alleged breach.


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