Stewart Murray Wilson denied parole

Stewart Murray Wilson
Stewart Murray Wilson
Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson has been denied parole, with the Parole Board noting concerns over his release proposal.

Up until the time of his hearing, he was not co-operating with authorities but in a decision released today, the Parole Board said there has been a change in his attitude, including working with a psychologist and indicating he wanted to return to the house in the grounds of Whanganui Prison to live.

Wilson went before the parole board on April 2.

He was released from prison in September 2012 to live in the house on prison grounds but was recalled in April last year after breaching his parole conditions.

He is serving a 21-year sentence for sexual and violent offending. His sentence finishes on December 1 next year.

Panel convenor Neville Trendle said at the April 2 hearing that Wilson appeared to have significantly changed his position after not contributing to a safety plan or a release plan with his case manager.

He had also refused a psychological assessment for the parole board hearing, despite being assessed at a "very high risk of sexually reoffending."

Wilson made little progress in developing a safety plan or a release plan. "In essence, he has refused to engage in release planning with his case manager", the board said.

"With no release proposal before the board to manage his assessed very high risk of reoffending, Mr Wilson cannot be considered for parole. It is declined."

Mr Trendle said Wilson was now committed to working with a psychologist to plan his release and had resumed counselling with an ACC counsellor.

Wilson's next parole hearing is in three months.

Wilson was jailed in 1996 for 21 years for serious sexual and violent offending against women and children involving cruelty to children, stupefying adults and bestiality.


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