Teacher paid ex-student to be caned

A teacher has been banned from the classroom after paying a vulnerable former student to be caned with a length of wood to fulfil the teacher's sexual fantasies.

The incidents happened several times on school premises, continuing even after the 19-year-old former student had attempted suicide.

The media studies teacher has been censured and his registration cancelled after being found guilty of serious misconduct by the Teachers Council Disciplinary Tribunal.

In July 2012, while employed as a teacher, the man began a physical relationship with the teenager, who had left the teacher's school just two months before.

On seven or eight occasions the teacher paid the teen about $150 so the teacher could beat him with a length of wood, the tribunal decision said.

The incidents occurred on school premises after hours and on weekends, and continued even after the psychologically fragile teen had attempted to take his own life, the tribunal said.

The teen admitted the relationship to his mother after being admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt.

When his mother told the teacher's principal, the teacher was stood down and later resigned.

The tribunal said the teacher also entered into an inappropriate relationship with a male Year 11 student, showering him with gifts including a digital camera, stereo system and data projector, some of which were school property.

The student was bullied because classmates thought he was having a sexual relationship with the teacher.

He spent time at the teacher's house, receiving free piano lessons and sometimes staying for dinner.

The teacher also tried to interfere with the student's relationship with a Year 9 girl by telling the girl's parents, and also threatening the boy that he would "get you done for paedophilia".

The teacher's lawyer said he accepted cancellation of his registration and had no intention to teach again.

He was also ordered to pay $4996 costs.

- By Heather McCracken of APNZ

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