Teenage murderer failed by CYF - stepfather

The stepgrandfather of 13-year-old murderer Jordan Nelson has criticised Child, Youth and Family, saying it failed to provide the teen with appropriate counselling and support.

Kerry Lock told Radio New Zealand this morning that Nelson, who he considers as his grandson, missed out on support when he moved in with Mr Lock and his partner of three years, Rosemaree Kurth.

Nelson was yesterday jailed for 18 years for murdering 50-year-old Ms Kurth, who was his caregiver, at her home near New Plymouth in April.

The teenager allegedly claimed he was upset at Ms Kurth for not allowing him to see his mother, a claim that wasn't true, Mr Lock said.

Nelson will serve at least six years before he is eligible for parole, but Mr Lock told RNZ he would oppose any bid for early release.

The decision was made for the teenager to live with Mr Lock and Ms Kurth was made in October last year.

Mr Lock said Nelson's CYF file was to be transferred from Hawkes Bay to New Plymouth but that did not happen until March.

Mr Lock said CYF failed to organise the counselling the boy needed.

In court yesterday, Mr Lock read out a victim impact statement saying he felt his world had ended when he found Ms Kurth dead.

"When I returned from crossing that river on that day and saw the two bloody drag marks leading into the spare room, seeing Rose laying on the floor ... I thought my world had ended," he said.

Ms Kurth's daughter, Lisa-Ann Raymond told Nelson she had not been able to grieve.

"Nor listen to what you did to my mum on that day. I've heard it once and it's a sickening pain."

Justice Paul Heath said Nelson's mother had a restraining order protecting her and Jordan against the boy's father and the teen had suffered exposure to domestic violence.