Tom Cruise 'scouting for South Island digs'

Tom Cruise. Photo: Getty
Tom Cruise. Photo: Getty
Tom Cruise is reportedly planning a move to New Zealand and is already "scouting" for appropriate properties.

While probably not permanent, RadarOnline reports Cruise is likely to spend a lot more time here in the coming years as it's expected the next two Mission Impossible films will be shot back to back in NZ.

A source said: "The New Zealand Film Commission is secretly romancing producers to come back after they shot one scene of Fallout there, and Tom's 100 percent on board.

"He already has people scouting for incredible home rentals in the South Island wilderness."

There is one small caveat though, and that's that the property must be close to a private airport or chopper pad.

Why? "Because he wants to be able to get to the fancy new Scientology center up in Auckland."

Cruise often stays in an apartment in Clearwater, Florida, but RadarOnline's source says the star "no longer has a home base on the West Coast of America" and has been "dividing his time between Scientology addresses and hotels instead."

While it seems Cruise will only make New Zealand his home for the duration of filming, the source did add: "He's looking forward to putting down roots somewhere beautiful for a while."

Mission: Impossible 7 is due to be released in July, 2021, and Mission: Impossible 8 will follow in August, 2022.


Surely the good judgement of character test would fail for Mr Cruise??

Oh geez, really? Did he pay for citizenship too?

I suggest watching 'Going Clear' for an insight into what letting such a high profile Scientologist into our midst will mean for us.