Two arrests over poppy money theft

Two people have been charged with theft after cash was stolen from an elderly RSA poppy seller outside a Wanganui supermarket.

Police notified the community through their Facebook page this week that support and information from the public had led to the identification of the two people.

A local woman will appear in the Whanganui District Court next week on the theft charge, and a male youth has been referred to the Youth Court.

The theft happened at lunchtime on April 17 outside New World when a collection bucket holding about $300 was snatched.

The incident left the elderly female poppy seller shaken and distraught and caused an outcry on the Chronicle's Facebook page.

Told of the arrests yesterday, Wanganui RSA manager Dave Large said it was great news, but instead of a kick in the backside which some people wanted to dish out, he would like those responsible for the theft to go to the RSA and learn why Anzac Day was seen as sacred.

"We like to think they will face the lesson and front up to the RSA, and convert them for the future," Mr Large said.

Following the theft, Wanganui district councillor Ray Stevens took up a collection at his Double S Motordrome and raised $345 which he handed over to the RSA on Monday.

Other offers of donations were received from people outraged by the theft.

- Wanganui Chronicle

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