'Unruly tourists' crash van

The group of unruly tourists has crashed their car in Māngere this afternoon. Photo: NZME
The group of unruly tourists has crashed their car in Māngere this afternoon. Photo: NZME
The group of unruly tourists who crashed their car in Auckland say they were distracted by people yelling "gypsy scum" at their vehicle.

Witnesses said the van went over the median barrier at the end of Thomas Rd and Massey Rd in Māngere.

They said the British tourists caused quite a scene as they took all their belongings from the car and proceeded to walk along the road.

They were said to be yelling at each other, and carrying bags and a child's car seat.

The New Zealand Herald tracked down the group after the incident.

"People were shouting at us and I look back and hit a curb," the older man said about the crash this morning.

"I punctured the wheel of the car," he said.

Another of the group, Joe Doran, told the Herald: "People were calling me gypsy scum and my father crashed the motor over people calling me gypsy scum."

The car has now been abandoned at the bottom of Thomas Rd, with two flat tyres and the passenger airbag blown.

Meanwhile, a member of a group of tourists accused of a Takapuna Beach assault has been granted name suppression.

The 26-year-old British man, charged with assault and reckless driving, appeared in the Auckland District Court this afternoon before Community Magistrate Jan Holmes.

Police supported the suppression application.

Krista Curnow was at Takapuna Beach on January 13 when the alleged incident unfolded.

She alleged a car veered towards her and the British driver tried to take her cellphone while she tried to take a picture of the car's licence plate.

She was pleased to hear police had taken action and followed through, she said.

A family of British tourists made headlines around the world since a video emerged of rubbish being strewn on a Takapuna Beach reserve, a court appearance for theft, refusal to pay for food or services, as well as hectoring hospitality staff.

Four people, believed to be part of the 15 or so unruly tourists, have already been served a deportation liability notice (DLN) as a result of an incident at Burger King in Hamilton.

Tina Maria Cash, 26, appeared in court the next day and pleaded guilty to two charges of theft and was also issued a DLN.


Name kept a secret why? Maybe like pervious comments that they may have bail conditions in the UK and if there name was released the UK authorities will see it, Shame on you judge.

Neville Purvis.