'Vicious assault' in Havelock North

A man is in hospital following a "vicious assault" in the heart of Havelock North at 4am yesterday.

Detective Sergeant Craig Vining said the assault, described as "vicious," happened at 4am yesterday and left the 32-year-old man with facial injuries. A hospital spokesman said the man was in a stable condition last night.

A crime scene was cordoned and under guard by police on Porter Drive, beside the CBD public toilets near the Havelock North Information Centre, yesterday morning.

It was taken down in the afternoon. Mr Vining said police were "following good lines of inquiry" in relation to the case.

Havelock North Community Patrol chairman Robin Deacon said the village was "generally pretty quiet" at night.

The community patrol operates up to 4am, though it was not aware of the assault.

"I'm quite surprised that something like this has happened.

"The crime activity around the village is a lot less than when I joined the patrol several years ago. In the last six to nine months it's been pretty uneventful."

Mr Deacon said much of the night activity in the village revolved around Turks Sports Bar, Loading Ramp and Diva Bistro and Bar, which closed between 1am and 3am.

"Of course everybody disperses from there and the ones that are left walk down to McDonald's. There's been the odd skirmish in the village, particularly on closing time, but nothing to the extent [of the assault]."

Havelock North Business Association president Sam Jackman said he believed the assault was "an isolated incident".

"I think the village generally is a very safe place. We get antisocial behaviour every now and then, but we're a tight community."

Patrons at Havelock North's hotels and restaurants were generally well-behaved, Mr Jackman said, and retailers operated responsibly.

"It's unsavoury elements coming into the village, which is unfortunate.

"Police resources are stretched at that time of day and it's unfortunate this happens in a small community like Havelock North."

It's not known if the village's CCTV cameras had footage of the attack.


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