Victim forgives assault onlookers

Praveet Singh
Praveet Singh
Ten days after she was attacked, Praveet Singh is still clutching an icepack against her face. The swelling and bruises are slowly healing, but the unseen injury is Singh feels she can't go outside.

"I'll have to be careful about who's walking beside me or coming behind me. We can't live like that."

However, she has forgiven those who failed to come to her aid in the South Auckland attack.

"I think it's better to forgive and move forward. It's not good for me and it's not good for them.

"I do hope these people realise what they did to me, and that they might react a bit directly if something like this ever happened again."

Singh said her workplace had been sympathetic, but there had been critics.

"One woman messaged me on Facebook to say that I must have had an intimate relationship with my attacker.

"People can think whatever they want to think, but those people are missing the issue.

"Even if I was with the man who attacked me, that doesn't warrant an attack. Even if I was in a relationship and it was a personal problem, it's not okay.

"I want everyone to notice what has happened because there is very little awareness about this issue. Obviously my neighbours don't know how to react in these situations.

"It was one person against 15 people.

"They could have pinned him, yelled at him or scared him."


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