Victims lead police to muggers

Two mugging victims are being praised by Hamilton police, after following their attackers home this morning.

The victims rang 111 then relayed the movements of the men they were following to police.

One suspect was apprehended on Ascot Rd.

The second ran through a number of properties onto Snell Dr. A police dog traced a scent to a McIntosh Street address, where the man was arrested.

Acting Senior Sergeant Lara Beisly said the incident began shortly before 1am when two men were accosted as they walked home in Chartwell.

"The offenders wanted cigarettes from the two men. When the victims said they didn't have any they were punched and chased down the street.

"The victims alerted police and then courageously followed their attackers, relaying their movements to the Northern Communications Centre which was able to guide responding officers.

"In situations where it is possible to keep yourself safe, if victims can relay timely, accurate information on the description of offenders, where they went and what vehicles may be involved, this is a great aid to responding Police."

The two men arrested remain in custody.


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