Warning issued after violent death

The man being sought after the violent death of a woman in Wellington may pose a threat to the general public, police say.

The body of 33-year-old Amanda Dawn Taufale was found at a house in Sunrise Boulevard just before 8am today.

The mother of two sons, a 15-year-old and a six-month-old, died a violent death, Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Oxnam said.

He would not say how she died, but said a post mortem examination would be completed tomorrow morning.

Police would like to speak to 38-year-old Ernest Smith, who is believed to be a close friend of Ms Taufale.

They would also like to hear from anyone who might have seen his blue Toyota Corolla, registration GMB108, near Sunrise Boulevard or the Takapu Road Railway Station, since yesterday.

The car remains next to the railway track.

Ms Taufale's two sons were at the scene at the time of her death, and a family member called police.

Police did not know if Smith was the father of either boy.

Mr Oxnam said it was too early to say what happened.

"The fact is she's died a violent death, and yes we do have concerns for the general public because if whoever's done this has committed one violent crime, there's nothing to stop them doing another one.''

Smith was described as a West Indian, of solid athletic build, and currently had a short haircut.

Mr Oxnam would not go into detail about the relationship between Ms Taufale and Smith.

"All we really know is they're associates.''

Police were not ruling out the possibility that Smith had fled on the train.

Mr Oxnam said he did not know if police had been called to the Sunrise Boulevard home in the past, and he would not go into detail as to whether Mr Smith was known to police.

Police had not yet located the murder weapon.

Police appealed for anyone who may have seen or heard anything to come forward.

"Of particular interest is anyone travelling on trains this morning between 7.00 and 8.00am who may have seen anything around the vehicle ... a blue Toyota Corolla hatchback, registration GMB108.''

A neighbour whose home overlooks the property said she heard a bang about 7.40am.

The woman, who did not give her name, said it sounded like a car backing into another car, but she had the television on and could not be sure.

Police cordoned off two scenes, one at the Sunrise Boulevard property and the other a vehicle near Takapu Road railway station.

Another neighbour said her neighbours - who she did not know - had not ever been a problem.

Arohata women's prison sits about 200 metres behind the home, and a large childcare centre is across the road.

Earlier today the police investigation briefly delayed commuter trains north of Wellington.

Tranz Metro closed the Kapiti line at Takapu Rd for six minutes from 8.50am at the request of police, a Tranz Metro spokeswoman said.



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