Weather pushes transtasman kayaker further from land

Bad weather continues to push a transtasman kayaker further from land.

Scott Donaldson has been at sea for three months after leaving Coffs Harbour in New South Wales in April.

He is hoping to be the first person to kayak solo across the Tasman sea.

Mr Donaldson is within sight of the Taranaki coast but strong winds have continued to push him further south, and he has decided to wait out the bad weather.

Mr Donaldson is currently 38 nautical miles from land.

Taupo rescue pilot John Funnell said Mr Donaldson was expected to start paddling Saturday and said the delay was "disappointing for everyone".

"Scott knows there's not a lot he can do about this, he's been preparing for this for ages and he just has to hunker down and rest up."

Mr Donaldson is now expected to land at Port Taranaki by Sunday or Monday.

He is making the trip to raise awareness for Asthma NZ, an illness both he and his 4-year-old son suffer from.

He is also hoping to highlight the importance of increasing aerobic activity levels in our day to day lives.

This is his second attempt to cross the Tasman, after his kayak filled with water two days into his his first attempt in May last year.


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