'Whaleoil' back online

Cameron Slater
Cameron Slater
The Whaleoil blog site is back online, after being down for two days .

The site crashed under a sustained denial-of-service attack.

It followed a post about a West Coast man who died in a car crash at the weekend.

The site's editors said today the blog was taken offline on Tuesday as a protective measure by its host Linode when the DoS attack began. It has now switched web-hosts, it said.

In a blog post entitled, Ferals, Faults and Fixes - The Co-Pilot's Report, the site said it did not think comments made by its controversial editor Cameron Slater about crash victim Judd Hall were the reason behind the attack, but said it would not reveal who it thought the hacker was.

"We know who's behind it. We can't prove it in a court of law. So the only thing we can do is keep our mouth shut, protect our systems as best as possible, and carry on," the post said.

- By Patrice Dougan of APNZ

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