Collins confirms health scare

Judith Collins
Judith Collins
Judith Collins has confirmed she has suffered a health scare but says she has had encouraging results from recent medical tests.

Friends of the tough talking Justice Minister, who has been under pressure for weeks over conflict of interest claims, told a gossip columnist this week she had been suffering from "a private health scare".

This afternoon as she headed into Parliament for the last time before taking leave ordered by Prime Minister John Key, Ms Collins told reporters: "I have actually had a bit of health scare over the last month but I've had some results back and they're very good".

"I'm going to get a few more tests done but I'm actually feeling very good about it now."

Asked whether the pressure of recent weeks, which she says was a factor in her attack on TVNZ political reporter Katie Bradford, had taken its toll on her health she said: "'I don't know that that's got anything to do with it".

After failing to land a knockout blow on Ms Collins yesterday over their claims she intervened with a Chinese official on behalf of Oravida, a company her husband works for, the Opposition turned their guns on Mr Key this afternoon.

Responding to an attack from Labour Leader David Cunliffe, Mr Key said Ms Collins "enjoys my full confidence".

Ms Collins leaves Parliament today but returns in time for next Thursday's Budget.

- By Adam Bennett of the NZ Herald

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