Dunne ‘sad’ over demise

Peter Dunne. Photo Getty
Peter Dunne. Photo Getty
United Future’s former long-time leader Peter Dunne says the end of the party is ‘‘sad, but understandable’’.

A letter sent out to members this week said the party’s leadership had voted to disband after it received just 0.1% of the vote in the general election.

The centrist party had survived on the back of an electoral deal in Ohariu between Mr Dunne and the National Party — but Mr Dunne’s resignation this year, sparked by poor poll numbers — meant it failed to return to parliament.

His successor, Damian Light, yesterday confirmed the party’s demise.

A motion to disband was passed unanimously at the weekend’s United Party annual general meeting in Auckland.

It had become clear the party was not capable of reaching the 5% threshold to re-enter parliament, Mr Light said.

Mr Dunne had not been part of the disbanding discussion.

Mr Dunne said: ‘‘Without a parliamentary seat, and with limited resources it will always be difficult for small parties founded on ideals and values, not personal wealth and ambition, to compete in today’s political environment.’’ 

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