Labour vows to target family violence

Labour says it will spend $60 million over four years to halt family and sexual violence if it gets into government.

Leader David Cunliffe is in Auckland today where he will release the party's policy on reducing family violence.

"On average 35 New Zealanders are killed by a member of their family every year, and one in three women experience intimate partner violence. Last year 20,000 women and children sought the help of Women's Refuge," Mr Cunliffe said.

"This is totally unacceptable. It has a devastating physical and emotional impact on the lives of a great many of our women and children. Labour will work towards its elimination."

Mr Cunliffe will announce a package of measures for immediate action, as well as longer-term solutions.

"We will adopt an action plan to eliminate violence against women and children.We will provide $60 million over four years for family and sexual violence to support front-line services, primary prevention and education," Mr Cunliffe said.

Labour would reform the justice system to provide "real justice to survivors while upholding the right to be presumed innocent" and review prosecution guidelines and the operation of protection orders.

"As Labour Party leader, I am determined that we address the causes and consequences of family violence but this cannot be achieved in a piecemeal manner or without a unified effort across government agencies and NGOs," he said.

The action plan would be led from within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.


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