Peters' legal battle continues

Winston Peters
Winston Peters
NZ First leader Winston Peters' lawyer has told RNZ he will continue to take legal action against National Party ex-ministers and staff over the leak of his superannuation details but had agreed to pay costs.

Henry said only pre-trial costs had been settled and Peters intended to continue with a law suit.

In a settlement yesterday, Peters had agreed to drop the legal proceedings that were already filed and pay $10,000 in legal costs. Those related to discovery over the leak to media of details of Peters' overpayments of superannuation, which he had to repay after the Ministry of Social Development realised he was on the wrong rate.

Peters had taken action against Bill English, Paula Bennett, Anne Tolley, Steven Joyce and former staffers Wayne Eagleson and Clark Hennessy.

Henry's comments indicate Peters has decided to sue one or more of the National Party six.

It is understood none are aware of any further legal action being filed.

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