Sex offender register signed off

New Zealand's first sex offender register has been signed off by Cabinet.

Police and Corrections Minister Anne Tolley said the register, which will be available to agencies but not open to the public, followed extensive work from both police and Corrections.

In a statement, she said the register had been signed off by Cabinet and details would be announced shortly.

The Government has previously signalled the list - of offenders who have committed sex crimes against children - would be available to police and other agencies.

"We want to stop these people falling through the cracks and disappearing into our communities at the end of their sentences," Mrs Tolley said.

"We want to know where they are and have more information about their circumstances, so they can be managed, and increased risks of reoffending can be detected before they take place so that we have the chance to take action.

"Agencies will have access to the register, but it won't be open to the public.

"I believe there needs to be one definitive place with all of the information. Making it public could identify victims, and could drive offenders underground where they can't be managed."


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