'Worrying incompetence' in flag pamphlets - Peters

Winston Peters
Winston Peters
Claims of a flag referendum translation blunder have emerged for a second time this week.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said today the Russian text in a pamphlet accompanying voting papers "twists the meaning to again promote a flag change".

"The Russian translates as 'Put a tick next to the flag that in your opinion should become the New Zealand flag'," Mr Peters said.

"It's subtle but suggests a flag change; it should read 'should be the New Zealand flag'."

Mr Peters said: "The level of incompetence is worrying."

It comes after the party this week highlighted a translation error in the Hindi text in the pamphlet.

New Zealand First MP Mahesh Bindra said the Hindi instructions on flag referendum papers told voters to "tick the flag you want to be the new New Zealand flag".

This differed from the English instructions, which told voters to "tick the flag you want to be the New Zealand flag".

Mr Bindra said the translation was misleading to the 100,000 eligible Hindi voters in the referendum.


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