Indoor triathlon a change of pace

Veteran athletes were pedalling hard in Dunedin on Wednesday morning, although their bikes remained firmly fixed in one position.

The indoor triathlon is among the wide range of sporting events at this year's New Zealand Masters Games.

And the slightly damp start to the day was a perfect opportunity for the competition, which was held inside the University Union's main common room.

Two participants faced off at a time, having to work their way through 10 minutes each of rowing, cycling, and treadmill machines.

"It sounds easy but it's really not as easy as it sounds", said Masters Games coordinator Dyani Sheperd-Oates.

Indoor triathlete Jan Brosnahan (left) works up a sweat on the treadmill, alongside other Masters...
Indoor triathlete Jan Brosnahan (left) works up a sweat on the treadmill, alongside other Masters Games competitors in the Indoor Triathlon at the University Union. PHOTO: FAHIM AHMADASRI
"They've obviously all done a fantastic job, and everyone should be very proud of themselves for their performances so far", she said.

Athletes were happy with the unique setup for the event, which allowed competitors of all levels to take part.

"It's just a really good environment.. a really fun, non-threatening environment", said retired pensioner Jan Brosnahan.

"It's very welcoming and it's really good to see people coming from out of town. I've just met a lady from Perth who's been here before. It's a way to reconnect with people that you've met in the past."

Event organisers were impressed with the strong performances by competitors, and say it highlights the importance of participation at the games for athletes of all ages.

By Fahim Ahmadasri

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